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Fastrack real estate academy

Online Education for Realtors

3 listings in just 30 days

no matter what

Most realtors quit only 1 year after getting their license. Why? Because you're making all the typical mistakes: cold calling, focusing on the wrong tasks, improper preparation for meeting clients, using ineffective technology, inaccurate training, spending money on dead leads, and mistaken techniques. This course is all you will need to be properly trained and become a real estate boss.

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only $999 until December 31, 2022

FASTRACK real estate academy WILL walk YOU through

getting 3 listings step-by-step

In this online course:

Get a pre-designed fully-customizable listing presentation so that you can look professional on listing appointments

Get listings the easy way so that there's no cold calling or buying leads.

Fast techniques, listing presentation demo, & scripts to build confidence and win every listing.

***Course includes the digital downloads & scripts you'll need for success.***

WHY we created this course

We created this for people who want to learn how to make more money, but feel trapped and frustrated on the right steps. We believe the secrets of success are better shared than reinvented over and over again through trials and trubulations.

This course is a simple guide to understanding the current top techniques, routines, and habits that we’ve learned and applied to our own real estate businesses.

People talk about the power of being a high achieving real estate agent...

...BUT FEW are willing to share those secrets

A Note from the


Hi my name is Andrew from Fastrack Real Estate Academy. Are you thinking about making more money in real estate? Silly question right? Who wouldn’t want to make more money. Well our course teaches you exactly that. I have been in the real estate business for 17 years. I have proven systems and methods that will get you clients quickly and making money fast! If you are already in the business and want to double your income, our program will help you organize your business and create additional transactions to double or even triple your income. Are we claiming to show you how to take 300 listings in 60 days like our competitors? Or how to get 72 transactions in five days? No. This is not some gimmick.

Our course has real results and real value taught by successful agents. This course will show you how to get real clients, service clients and then retain those clients for future referral business. As part of our course we have a fully customizable listing presentation. This presentation can be fully tailored to you and your company. Once you internalize this, you are unstoppable. With a 93% success rate, you will be listing homes and making money fast! Also we have a full one-hour long listing presentation demonstration video. You can literally watch this video over and over again. You will want to internalize the listing presentation practice it and then go get listings. Our course also includes several prospecting methods and easy scripts to get you on your A-game when you meet with clients.

We will walk you through all the steps from start to finish that show you how to organize a database, talk to your clients, get new clients and make money.

If you are ready to start making an extra hundred thousand dollars or want to achieve up to $500,000 in commission, then this is for you.

- Andrew

get all the tools you'll need

the scary numbers

In the United States, currently only 1% of all people become extremely rich. 4% become financially independent meaning that they can continue living their lifestyle on their own without anyone’s help. 36% of the elderly are still working. 5% are dead. And 54% of all Americans are actually poor.

What if you can make $500,000 a year in income? It’s not out of reach. It may seem out of reach but it’s actually something that many real estate agents do. Or at least the top performing real estate agents do. The top 10% of all real estate agents make this sort of income. If you make less than this amount as a real estate agent, this course is for you. If you are new to real estate and would like to make $500,000 per year, this course is also for you. What I have done over the years is figured out the systems and prospecting methods that work and I can save you years of trial and error in one short course. Why go through years and years of testing when it’s already done for you? Here are all the secrets that realtors won’t tell you. If you know about them, you will become a threat to their business and take their clients. You will be their competition. And no one wants more competition.

In real estate, there is an old saying... you must slow down to speed up. The meaning of that saying is that sometimes you have to slow down, regroup, retrain and then you can speed up. So in essence, with this course you’re going to slow down. You’re gonna do what the course tells you and shows you to do and then you’re going to speed up and you’ll have more business than you can handle.

If you are ready to start making money in real estate fast and make hundreds of thousands of dollars then get started on this course right away and you’ll be making money before you know it.

get more business than you can handle

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that these habits will make a huge difference in your business. If you don't have 3 listings in 30 days after implementing the course steps, we will refund your money 100%!

about the authors

Andrew has been and active Realtor since 2005 and still is Active today. With the systems provided in this course he and his Associate Agent Julie sell between 80-100 homes per year. Andrew currently still uses the exact systems in this course. He and Julie have both won several Real Estate Awards year after year for Top Production. They are classified as the top 1% of all Realtors Nationwide.

This program and the others offered are proven current techniques and systems that work in todays market. Not systems from 20 years ago. Andrew and Julie use these systems every day and generate over 1 million in Gross commission every year.

Instead of having agents discover the hard path to what works and what doesn't work, they have devised the systems that are proven to work and generate income fast. Other programs similar to this one will promise results over time, but with our systems, you will get results Fast!

**The True identities for Andrew and Julie have not been disclosed for the reason that they currently still sell Real Estate today and they do not want to be directly contacted via their cell phone or direct email address.

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Andrew was born in Budapest, Hungary, and his parent emmigrated in the the US. At a young 26 years old, he decided to obtain his Realtor license. He saved enough money to last him 6 months and then he burned the boats and quit his previous job. There was no turning back, He had to succeed at Real Estate. He followed the guidance and steps that were passed onto him and became very busy as a Realtor. In his first year, he sold 17 homes. (Most realtors struggle to sell just a couple homes in their first year.) With hard work, dedication, and systems, his business grew. He tested every prospecting method and learned which ones worked and which ones didn't. Many years later, Julie joined the team and their production doubled. Andrew went from 40 home sales per year to 80-100 with Julie. She was the missing link and added tremendous value. Their business soared and so did their income!

After many years of trial and error and building a solid system that works, we decided to pass on this wealth of knowledge to others who are in the business, but not yet acheiving their goals.

The systems and techniques in this course are all proven. They all work. And they produce Fast Results. Life is short, so its better to sell 30 homes in 1 year than just 3. This course will show you how to build a solid real estate business and make money fast. This course will NOT JUST show you how to do real estate. We will show you how to get established in the business fast, get clients fast, and make money fast.

Do you want to be an average Realtor forever?, or would you like to have an extra $100k, $200k, or $500k? If you want the extra income, then our course will catapult you to success. Many agents have followed our steps and had Extreme success!


Confidence is number one in this business. You have to be confident in yourself in your skills... in your listing presentation. You have to feel that there is no better option for your client than you. Also, you will have to be confident in achieving your goals. You may have to change your thoughts about money. If the most money you’ve ever made in one year is $50,000, it may be hard to grasp the idea of $500,000. I have earned over $500,000 in real estate every year for the last 15 years. Only my first two years in real estate did I earn less than that. Our course will help you build the confidence needed to believe in yourself and your skills. You will become confident that you are the best realtor for your potential clients and no one can do a better job than you or sell a home for a higher price than you.

only $999 until December 31, 2022



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